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Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream
Veins Treatment Cream

Veins Treatment Cream

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Our Veins Treatment Cream relieves swelling, pain, nodule and other discomforts caused by vasculitis and varicose veins, and treat limb fatigue (aching pain drop swelling Powerless), lower limb swelling and festering necrosis.

Formulated with 100% natural anti-inflammatory herbal extracts, makes the ointment safe and reliable to cure painful, uncomfortable varicose veins without side effects.

When applied to skin, the cream is absorbed deeply to promote blood circulation and regenerate damaged tissue for fast healing result.


  • Rapidly flattens varicose veins

  • Heals broken & enlarged veins

  • Boosts blood circulation by the warming property

  • Diminishes swelling and strengthen the collagen (connective tissue) within vein walls

  • Anti-inflammatory & soothes pains from varicose veins
  • Prevents reversed blood flow
  • 100% made with Chinese traditional natural herb

  • Perfect for people who wear high heels or stand for a long time every day, with poor blood circulationpostpartum mothers


  • External use only.
  • Please make sure the affect area is cleaning and dry.
  • Then smear the cream to the affect area uniformly.
  • 2-4 times per day.


  • Not for pregnant women
  • Skin allergy or wound should use it with caution.
  • 1 piece can be used for 2-6 days (based on the affect area);
  • For mild and moderate symptoms: 3 pieces as a course of treatment;
  • For severe symptoms: 5 pieces as a course of treatment

How to work:

Step 1 (around 7 days): to dissolve the Coagulation of blood clot effectively, gradually disintegrated vein thrombosis, to promote venous blood circulation, relief the swelling, pain, numbness and other symptoms;

Step 2 (around 15 days): varicose veins retraction, phlebitis disappeared, leg ulcers and wound start to heal, necrotic function will recover gradually;

Step 3 (around 30 days): veins flowing become smooth gradually, accelerate blood circulation, varicose veins is improved obviously, blood viscosity, platelet aggregation was significantly decreased. Ulcer portion is healing gradually. new muscle will grow with recovered venous.


  • NET Weight : 30g


  • 1pc x Veins Treatment Cream

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