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Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector
Handy Drill Dust Collector

Handy Drill Dust Collector

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Keep you healthy & away from the dust!

Our Handy Drill Dust Collector is a universal drill accessory that catches and stores dust and debris and keeps your work area clean while drilling holes of wood, plaster and brick etc. around the home.

Simply drill as normal using the dust collector as a cover clamped against vertical or horizontal surfaces; the dust collector then acts as a dust and debris receptacle, preventing material falling onto the floor or carpets etc.


Made of durable plastic, it features a hollow chamber for secure dust collecting and twist-off lid for easy cleaning. The adjustable design makes it widely compatible, which universally fits all types of drill bits 4-10mm


  • Secure Dust Collecting:
    When you're drilling holes, dust and powder seem to get everywhere. To keep messes from covering your floor or furniture, try this versatile drill bit attachment. This handy device fits onto drill bits and catches the dust created from drilling holes in drywall, wood, metal, concrete, and other materials.


  • Universally Fit:
    Use this plastic shield on drill bits measuring 4 mm to 10 mm. The adjustable drill cover can be used on a variety of home projects that require drilling. The bowl attachment fits drills of any brand without any adjustments needed. Add this dust catcher to your tool kit today.


  • Easy To Use:
    To attach the dust catcher to your drill bit, first twist off the clear lid. Insert the drill bit into the base of the attachment, ensuring that the round brush is fitted around your drill bit. Then replace the lid, and you're ready to catch dust.


  • Twist-off Lid:
    To empty the attachment, just twist off the lid and empty the dust into the trash. You'll love how convenient and easy this attachment makes it to clean up after a project.


  • Keep Work Area Clean:
    DIY projects can get messy. As you drill new holes, large or small, fine powder settles across the room from the dislodged sheetrock or wood pieces. Use this plastic drill accessory to control debris and leave your floors and surfaces dustless so that cleaning up after the project is easy. 


  • Durable & Handy:
    Made of high-quality materials, including non-slip sponge, PVC, shock-proof and silent gaskets. Bowl-shaped design enables large store space and more convenient to use.


  • Material: Plastic, Sponge
  • Size: 44 mm x 50 mm x 88 mm
  • Compatible Drill Bits Size: 4-10mm

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