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Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit
Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit

Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit

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The natural solution to piercing aftercare! 

Our Ear Piercing Cleaning Kit prevents infections, irritation and pain after new piercing, or simply use it as regular hygiene habits

Formulated with natural ingredients, it is 100% safe for skin and non-irritating. Simply soak the ear floss into the cleansing solution and pass it through the piecing for throughout cleaning. It helps gently push out and remove any dirt and impurities inside your piercing.

The cleansing solution in fresh rose scent helps your body heal quickly, which shrinks tissue swelling and helps keloid bumps, while moisturizing and nourishing damaged skin.

  • Piercing Relief Solution:
    Naturally relieve all the discomfort from piercing! Works fast to heal the 'red and angry' feeling in new piercings, as well as soothing infections, irritation and pain.
  • Better Hygiene Habits:
    Improper post-piercing care can lead to a painful experience, this safe and pain-free aftercare kit helps lower your risk of infection and improve proper healing.

  • 100% Safe & Natural:
    Formulated with natural ingredients, both the cleansing solution and ear floss are 100% safe for skin and non-irritating, even for sensitive skin. 
  • Mild & Gentle Cleaning:
    The ear piercing floss is made of advanced, soft and skin-friendly paper, will not not cause secondary infection to the skin. The cleansing solution contains multiple plants extracts which have great cleaning effect. Gently clean and remove the dirt, no irritations, mild and reliable. 
  • Easy To Use:
    Simply pass the ear floss through the piecing for throughout cleaning. It helps gently push out and remove any dirt and impurities inside your piercing.

  • Quick Healing Effect:
    The cleansing solution in fresh rose scent helps your body heal quickly, which shrinks tissue swelling and helps keloid bumps, while nourishing your skin. 


  1. Soak the ear floss into cleansing solution.
  2. When the floss gets thick, take it out from the solution. 
  3. Pass it through piercing, but only in 1 direction.


  • Cleansing Solution Weight: 15ml


  • 70pcs x Ear Floss
  • 1pc x Cleansing Solution

Note: It is not recommended for those piercing which is formed within half a year, or infected piercing. 

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order