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Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)
Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)

Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)

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Many athlete and celebs are participating in the cupping trend to slove body pain problem! 

Cupping Therapy has been practiced in China for thousands of years to treat all kinds of illnesses and pains. Which improves circulation by stimulating the circulatory system and the peripheral nervous system to improve the body pain problem and relax. 

The deep tissue massage that cupping provides helps to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system and help activate and clear the veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Principals of Cupping Therapy :
It adopts a suction gun to produce a negative air pressure vacuum inside cups which have been placed on the skin. The suction works to release rigid soft tissues and muscles. The purpose of using cups in this way is to apply pressure for relaxation of muscles and overall promotion of well-being.

  • Designed to help improve blood circulation, relieve the pain of joint and back, removes body toxin and speeds up the healing process.

  • Highly recommend use on after exercise and sports injuries & recovery, muscle & joint pain relief, backaches, shoulder tension, stiff neck, body & muscle massage and more. 

  • Our body has much uncountable acupuncture point which represents a different part of our body, through cupping therapy to therapies
    different illness

  • Relieve life streets and relax feel like doing massage. 

  • Useful and very safe and can be easily used at home. 

  • Immediate know your body health level. 

  • A 2015 report published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine noted cupping as an effective alternative method of treating acne, pain, facial paralysis, cervical spondylosis, and herpes zoster.
  • Improved metabolism, relief from constipation, a healthy appetite, and stronger digestion.
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Increases lymph flow and detoxification
  • Helps release trapped toxins and fluids
  • Breaks up cellulite deposits
  • Helps improve skin tone and firmness 

If you choose cupping therapy, we appreciate you can consult with your doctor.
Below people are NOT SUITABLE for using Cupping Therapy.
  • Children under 4 year old/
  • Pregnancy
  • / Seniors/ Using blood-thinning medication. 
  • Pregnancy
  • skin infections or broken skin
  • serious illness
  • a history of bruising very easily
  • blood clotting disorders
  • 1x Vacuum gun
  • 24x Vacuum cups
  • Size: 75mm x 6pcs/ 68mm x 6pcs/ 60mm x 4pcs/ 52mm x 4pcs/
    55mm x 2pcs/ 45mm x 2pcs
Product includes:
  • 1 x Chinese Cupping Therapy Cup (24PCS)

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