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Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb
Anti-Static Men Styling Comb

Anti-Static Men Styling Comb

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Get that hair salon hairstyle at the comfort of your home! 

Bring back your charm with our Anti-Static Men Styling Comb, an affordable comb set with shark-toothed face makes for easy combing and help men for their daily hair styling needs. Be your classic own hair stylist and get the best appearance you deserve!

Specially designed with a wide toothed comb and multipurpose interposing comb; anti-static and three-sided design to robust hair styling. Easy to rinse even after using your favorite hair products. Suitable for any hair types, wet or dry, straight or curly hair; it works for men, women, and even kids; to meet all your various hairstyling demands.

Made with tough and break-resistant ABS material; non-toxic and hypoallergenic. With its stronger, smoother and fine teeth, you can absolutely trust that your hair or scalp will not be damaged; leaving you improved scalp with better blood circulation and great looking hair you always dreamed of!


  • Hair Comb Styling: 
    This hair comb set for men is a great help for men's daily hair styling. You can easily be a professional hairstylist without expensive salon visit.
    - Wide Toothed Comb : Suitable for creating side styling hair.
    - Multipurpose Interposing Comb: Suitable for making succinct and skillful gradual lateral hair.
  • Anti-Static & Detangling:
    The shark-toothed face makes for easy combing, effortlessly creating the hot favorite bed head quiff separation hairstyle. The other fine-toothed face functions as a regular comb, capable of destroying all hair tangles.
  • Three-sided Design:
    Made up of fine teeth and large wide teeth and tail teeth, match the second comb roll up your hair and meet your hairstyling need.
  • Ultimate Scalp Care:
    With round head design and smooth surface, it does not damage the hair or scalp but improve scalp blood circulation.
  • Top-Grade Material:
    Made of premium ABS plastic material, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, durable and easy to clean. Stronger and smoother than a regular suit comb.
  • Compact & Portable:
    Can be stored in your bags, drawer, pocket easier. With these hair combs, whether you use them every day, make-up, work, travel, or outdoor, you can still keep your hairstyle at its best.
  • One Comb Set For All:
    The comb set is suitable for wet or dry, straight or curly hair; It works for men, women, and kids for meeting needs for various hair styles. It also fits hair styling, parting, back combing, post styling, hair coloring, etc.


  • Material: ABS 
  • Color: Black, Blue, Gold


  • 1pc x Wide Toothed Comb
  • 1pc x 3-Sided Interposing Comb

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order