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Anti Foot Odor Spray
Anti Foot Odor Spray
Anti Foot Odor Spray
Anti Foot Odor Spray
Anti Foot Odor Spray

Anti Foot Odor Spray

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If you want a foot odor eliminator that exterminates foot odor immediately and leaves your feet feeling clean and fresh, then you need Anti Foot Odor Spray!

Our foot spray for sweaty feet actually helps eliminate shoe odors and foot odors so you can stop being afraid of taking off your shoes. Protect and hydrate your feet while you reduce shoe odors so you can go about your day without fear of leaving behind a sweaty, stinky trail.
  • Formulated to Fight Odor-Causing Foot Bacteria

  • Essential ingredients Soothe and Soften Dry, Cracked and Calloused Feet

  • Helps Hydrate and Rejuvenate Skin

  • Natural Ingredients Safe on Clothes and Shoes

  • Perfect for feet of all skin types & conditions as well as all types of shoes, sandals, high-performance athletic shoes etc.

  • Suitable for everyone & all types of activities: for highly competitive athletes to businessmen & stinky teenager feet & shoes 


  • Capacity: 100ml


  • 1pc x Anti Foot Odor Spray

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order