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3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top
3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top
3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top
3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top
3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top
3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top

3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top

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Say goodbye to layers of bulky clothing to stay warm!
Our 3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top provides you toasty warm in just 3 seconds! Craved with micro-thin strands of fiber in cold air insulation technology, it guarantees long-lasting warmth and comfortable wearing.
Infused with bio-ceramic technology,  the material fibers emit Far Infrared Rays for retaining constant heat generation up to 35°C
Made of a special blend of breathable and moisture-wicking materials that wick sweat away from your body and turn its kinetic energy into heat, the super elasticity also makes it perfect for every day wear and even exercising for both men and women


  • Bio-Warming in 3 Seconds :
    Instantly provides you the Next-To-Skin Active Insulation to combat the brutal winter

  • Micro-thin & Lightweight :
    Staying warm without wearing a bunch of heavy layers

  • Thermal Retention Technology :
    Air pockets between the fibers retain both body warm and the warmth generated by moisture absorption 

  • Constant Heat Generation :
    Far Infrared Rays emission for heat generation up to 35°C

  • Breathable & Moisture-wicking :
    Turns excess body sweat to heat by kinetic energy, dries moisture incredibly fast to prevent bacteria growth and anti-odor

  • Ultra Comfortable & Body Shaping :
    Recontour your perfect body curve while guarantees you all-day comfy wear

  • Highly Stretchable & Air Permeable Material :
    Stretches to give you a perfect fit and maximize comfort for every day wear and even exercising

  • Wide Neckline Design : 
    Stays hidden underneath all kinds of clothing  

  • Anti-Static : 
    Unsurpassed moisture retention properties, the fiber also reduces discomfort from static electricity, when putting on and taking off the clothes

  • Non-deforming : 
    Highly resilient and durable, maintains its shape even after repeated machine washing; quick-drying

  • One Size Fits All : 
    Perfect for both men and women with any outfits


  • Material: High Performance Bamboo Fiber, Spandex, Acrylic
  • Color: Black, Nude
  • Size: Free Size (Weight: 40-70kg, Height: 150-180cm)


  • 1pc x 3S Heat Max Thermal Innerwear Top


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